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Heed Audio Thesis Delta

CD-transport i Heed Audios Thesis serie. DAC-kort som tillval för att göra Thesis Delta till en fullödig CD-spelare. Finns för demo!

Heed Audio Thesis Delta
Heed Audio Thesis Delta Heed Audio Thesis Delta Heed Audio Thesis Delta
The Thesis Δ (delta) is a CD player that seamlessly assimilates into its sophisticated analogue family. It offers the most convenient way to enjoy your digital recordings in the best possible quality.

With its sturdy mechanism and cleverly tuned internal suspension system, the readout of the digital data is exceptionally precise. From the separated power supplies to the high speed processor, every segment is working together to keep this digitally coded music perfectly healthy.

Without a DAC module, the delta is a transport with many digital outputs. Extending its possibilities with a converter board, the delta integrated CD player offers astonishing analogue quality, and truly enchanting musical experience.

Aesthetically the codes of the brand and the line Thesis are respected. Half format and sobriety. The backlighted black aluminum-rimmed glass front is differentiated from the other elements of the line by the light bar that runs through it, consisting of the aluminum drawer and three control buttons.

The Thesis Delta uses only very high quality components: Mundorf capacitors (some on specifications) and Nichicon, low tolerance metal film resistors sorted, quality connectors. Rigorous implementation.

Each function of signal reading, transport and signal processing has its own dedicated power line, completely isolated and independent of the others. It is a linear power supply, divided into three main parts, The transformer designed specifically for Heed has a very important power reserve.

The Heed Thesis Delta is living proof that it's possible to create audio equipment that makes recorded music live, "engraved" into bits - audio holography at its best. Just for fun.

- All metal, steel frame, aluminum facade with acrylic insert.
available in one color: black tray, silver plate with black insert.

Playback channel:
- Sanyo OPU mechanical equipped with a metal loading platform and a suspension damping the vibrations

- S/PDIF on BNC, RCA and optical connectors.
I2S output, which will serve as a direct link between the Delta and the future DAC of the Thesis range. It uses a simple HDMI cable as a physical medium, but the protocol is not compatible with the HDMI standard. Broaching is available on request.
- Separate analog buffer stage, built from discrete components.

Power supply:
- Toroidal transformer, Mundorf and Nichicon audio capacitors in most places.
- 3 separate power rails for digital display, digital drive and control circuits, and an analog power rail for the last stage d/a conversion and analog buffer.

- 3 front buttons for the most important things: opening / closing the drawer,
remote control with the usual extended functions
- 5 brightness levels of the LED display (controlled with non-audible PWM frequencies)

Supported formats:
- CD-DA, CD-R, CD-R, CD-RW discs 8 and 12cm
- HDCD playback at 16-bit standard resolution.
- CD layer of hybrid SACD disks

- DAC 2.3 card for digital-to-analog conversion, which uses a Wolfson WM8740 DAC chip (with possibility of evolution over time). This is the conversion card from the Heed Obelisk DA, a device awarded many times by the international press.


Outputs: 1x I2S HDMI / 1x S/PDIF RCA / 1x S/PDIF BNC / 1x TOSLINK, Optional 1x Unbalanced Analog (RCA pair)
Supported Upgrade Cards: DAC 2.3
Max consumption: 60 W
Dimensions (WxHxD): 22 x 8.5 x 32.5 cm

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Varugrupper: CD-Spelare, CD-Transporter

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